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TCI  is the distributor which focus on expanding market for major Thai products in Vietnam. We provide our business partners  to reach their individual goals through  our professional sales force.
We can provide customers’ specific needs for any part of the value chain : from sourcing, market  analysis, marketing and sales to distribution and logistics.
These services include: global sourcing, market research, feasibility studies, research and development, applications research and support, product development, product registration, regulatory compliance, importation, customs clearance, marketing, category management, merchandising, channel management, field marketing, sales, warehousing, logistics (including third party logistics), order fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, information processing, market feedback, KPI reporting, customer service, as well as after-sales services
With our coverage in nationwide, a highly effective field force, great infrastructure, and deep consumer expertise, we provide a variety choice of marketing and sales activities to help you grow and expand your business.

We offer

  • Local impact through a local sales network in Vietnam  in depth and scope
  • Surveys to determine relevant outlets, visiting frequency, and routings for various brands
  • Skilled and experienced staff with many years of direct experience in all consumer goods
  • Key account staff, category management staff, and merchandisers to handle key accounts
  • Over 200 sales forces in Vietnam.
  • HORECA channel which handle  on premise channel.
Concessionaire systems, and wholesaler networks to handle the smallest outlets

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