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Crown 99

Crown 99
Crown 99 is an admix spirit produced from distilled spirits that are made from the finest ingredients in Thailand and blended with malt whisky which is imported from Scotland.
The blending process ensures that the quality of water, fermentation, distillation and maturation of the spirit in oak barrels are stringently controlled to bring out the smooth, mellow aromatic flavor that is unique to Crown 99.
Crown 99
Crown 99 is an Admix that is a produce derived from Scottish malt whiskey, aged for years, and then blended by experts from Scotland. 

Product Type Admix http://www.thaibev.com/StoreFile/image_detail/thaibev_group_13ImageDetail_003052.jpg
Major Ingredient Malt Whiskey aged in oak barrel, and pure alcohol
Alcohol Content 35% by volume
Color Amber gold
Type of Content Half bottle 350 ml. and Round bottle 700 ml.
Contain in cases Half bottle 350 ml. 12 bottles/case
Round bottle 700 ml. 12 bottles/case
Distillery Red Bull Distillery(1988) Co., Ltd.